"HOWL" Ween Hounds Litter

KKR Rumba's Phoenix Rising

7 Weeks Old - 12/4/11


The Howl Ween hounds have turned into their own little selves!!!! Personalities are definitely starting to show and I hope that I was able to capture some of that in their newest pictures!!! At this age, the picture taking has become a 3 person job - 1 cameraman, 1 props and set dresser, and 1 puppy wrangler and noise maker!!! It is a production, believe me!!! The outtakes are hilarious and much more numerous!! Not suitable for public viewing however!!!  It is such great fun!!!

Along with glimpses of personality, hopefully, the pictures give you a better idea of the individual coloring of each pup. Some are slightly darker red than others (Black Cat, Witch, Mummy, Bones, Spook, Pumpkin & Frankie), some have more black mask (Witch, Mummy, Spook, Jack and Black Cat), some have big white spots (Witch, Frankie, Bat, Cat, Boo, Jack), and some have almost no white on the chest (Pumpkin, Mummy, Booo, Goblin and Spook). As their personalities continue to develop, I can tell that Mummy, Pumpkin, Witch and Bat are my ‘adventure’ pups and Black Cat, Spook, and Boo are just as happy being my lap lovers!! Obviously, most of them are sort of in between on everything!!! All of these observations are just an impression of what I am seeing right now today, their personalities continue to develop every week along with their confidence and courage. I throw a lot of new things at them daily so it is a lot to absorb and adapt to.

Weaning has gone very well. Phoenix is done, done, done!! They are VERY good at eating their puppy mush. I have switched them to chicken and rice as I just can’t take the smell of that lamb anymore!!! Yikes!!! It is bad going in and HORRIBLE coming out!!!  Just as a point of reference, the ice cream bucket that I use to soak their food is no longer big enough to hold what they eat at one meal !!!! I had to switch to a larger bucket!!! I’m telling ya, they are GOOD little eaters. And nice and chubby – just the way I like em!!! When they come home to you, I will send along a couple sample bags of the Diamond Chicken and Rice Puppy chow that they are currently eating so that we don’t HAVE to change that too!

I have started to have them sleep in a big crate so that they are getting used to the idea that a crate is their den or bed. This should help crate training go better later. I continue to have them use a giant litter box which helps them understand that there is a correct place to go potty and they need to go THERE! I believe this helps them understand housebreaking later as well. Plus it is easier to clean up after them!!!

All of them have wonderful perfect little sets of teeth. Yeah!!! Tuesday this week, we are off to their final vet check where my vet will give them a serious once over. She also checks their hearts and lungs, and personal parts. All very important!!! She fills out a check list with all body parts listed, noting ANYTHING that we will want you and your vet to note as well. A copy will be with all your puppies other important papers.

Time to Meet the HOWL ween Hounds !!!

Pet Males:

– dark red, dark mask, big spot on chest, white on front feet, kink in tail, broken leg. Bat man is very outgoing, people oriented and loves attention – might be a titch spoiled too!

Spook – very dark red, very dark mask, tiny spot on chest, minimal white on all four feet, minor kink in tail, smaller male. Spook is quiet, gentle and loves to just sit in my lap for hugs

Pet Females:

Witch – very dark red, very dark mask, large spot on chest, minimal white on feet, 3 crown ridge. Witch is a smaller female with lots of goofey and happiness about her.

Boo – golden red, medium mask, large spot on chest, big white sock on left front. Boo is quiet, gentle, kind and loves attention.

Black Cat
– very dark red, very dark mask, medium spot on chest, minimal white on feet, big kink in tail, smaller female. Cat is a snuggle bug, loves attention and is gentle and kind

Mummy – dark red, very dark mask, 2 small spots on chest, white sock on both front feet. Mummy is feisty, fun, full of herself – a little firecracker!

Perfect Males:

Bones – very dark red, medium mask, small spot on chest, small amount of white on all four feet. Bones is gentle, kind and cooperative

Jack – dark red, very dark mask, big spot on chest, almost no white on feet. Jack is fun, playful and goofey.

Goblin – bronze golden red, medium mask, two tiny spots on chest, white on all four feet. Goblin is one of the smaller males and is very eager to please, likes to play, and is curious about new things

Spidey – dark red, dark mask, medium spot on chest, minimal white on feet, 2nd largest male. Spidey is a easy going happy go lucky galoot, enjoys chasing toys

Frankie – very dark red, very dark mask, big spot on chest, minimal white on all four feet, largest male. Frankie is happy, gentle, very laid back, nothing gets him to excited.

Perfect Female:

Pumpkin – very dark red, very dark mask, tiny spot on chest, no white on feet, largest female. Pumpkin is very outgoing, confident and full of her self

5 Weeks Old - 11/20/11


The “Howl” Weeners continue to surprise me every day with their scarily fast development! They are PUPPIES with TEETH!!! Yes, their teeth are starting to emerge so Momma Phoenix is REALLY getting less interested in nursing them! She has gotten so that she does not even lie down to nurse them anymore. They just hang off of her to eat, which REALLY looks uncomfortable to me!! The long suffering look on her face pretty much sums up how she feels about it! The weaning cycle is in progress! By 6 weeks they will not be nursing momma at all anymore. Thankfully, they are REALLY good at eating their puppy mush and not nearly as messy either! Thank goodness as I don’t want to have to clean them up like Momma does!

The Howlers have gotten tall and leggy and wirey!!! Running, hopping, and jumping are not even remotely tricky for them so they have moved on to figuring out how to escape from their whelping box and get into TROUBLE!!! Time to move them to the BIG puppy playpen and start teaching them how to sleep in their crates and use the litter box ALL the time!

I still have not felt any dermoids, so I feel pretty confidant that the Weeners have jumped that hurdle – not surprised by that as we rarely have them. The next few weeks, they will just eat, sleep, howl and grow!! Another round of that tasty wormer is a must to keep them healthy and growing. The weekly toenail trim keeps their toenails FROM growing.

Their own unique little personalities will start to show soon but right now they are all just sweet little treats! I will begin to pass on to you where they lie on what I call my “Wild to Mild” chart!! Generally, in a litter this size, there will be one or two that are little “adventurers”! They can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds, always chasing after that new leave, bug, toy etc…. These pups tend to do very well in homes where the family members are very active/outdoorsy, the kids are over 5, and/or you are interested in competing in conformation, hunting, lurecoursing, or agility etc! On the flip side, one or two pups will be my “lap lovers”! They are just as happy living life from my lap, maybe occasionally getting involved in REALLY exciting adventures, but are usually back for more tummy rubs. These pups do very well in families who have children under 5 or like a little more sedate lifestyle. The rest of the gang fits in the middle – just happy go lucky little galoots who just want to spend their day doing whatever YOU are doing!!

I did have one TRICK played on me this week that I am happy to admit has NEVER happened before – Phoenix accidentally stepped on Bat apparently just right so that he broke his leg!!!! The orthopedic specialist in my area attached an ‘external fixator’ to the outside of his leg to hold the bones in the proper position so it can heal. This method does not compromise his growth plates so hopefully in 1-2 more weeks when the fixator is removed he will be good as new! Bat can’t hang out with his family all the time however, so he gets to live with GRANDMA all the time so he is VERY crate trained already, working hard on house breaking, and pretty much goes EVERYWHERE with Grandma including work, shopping and soon Thanksgiving!!!

3 Weeks Old - 11/06/11


Wow! what a difference a week makes. The “Howl”ween Hounds have turned into PUPPIES!!! No more creeping and crawling around the whelping box - they are motoring around like pros with lots less tipping over!!! They are VERY aware of each other and have begun to hop, jump, play bow and swat at each other – all activities that DO lead to tipping over!! They’ve also been doing lots of mouthing and chewing on each other’s feet, tails, and ears!!! Sometimes they accidentally chew on their own feet, which is a good learning experience for them!!!

They’ve gotten really noisy!!!! First it is the ‘trilling’ which I don’t even know how they do!!! Then the trilling turns into rather pathetic attempts at barking and growling and they all look at each other like they are trying to figure out where that strange noise came from!!!

Their eyes are wide open and their ears are flopped down so they are starting to look like hounds!!! Their hair is no longer fuzzy so their beautiful ridges are easy to see again. All the ridges appear to be very, very nice except for a little girl with a 3 crown ridge. A couple little girls have pretty white socks that make them stand out and one little girl and a boy have those quirky little mind of their own tails!!! Still no dermoid sinus’s so I think we are over that hump. Yeah!!

The whelping box is just getting too small for them so soon I will be setting up their puppy play pen so they have more room to trick and treat and trill! Along with bigger digs I will start the litter box training so that we can keep them as clean as possible AND begin to teach them that there is an appropriate place to go to the bathroom. Hopefully, this will help you finish the housetraining later. I use the lid from an under the bed storage container and compressed sawdust pellets that absorb moisture very nicely and smell really nice - like cedar!!!

Phoenix loves her puppies very much and she WANTS to feed all of them but she just can’t keep up sooooo… I just started them on puppy mush – mostly milk, Every week they will eat more and more of the soggy puppy chow mash to start the weaning process which will be completed by about 6 weeks. Puppy Mush “Snorkeling” is a messy and difficult Business. Apparently, learning at what level one needs to hold ones nose while lapping up milk and NOT get the milk UP the nose is a very fine line – so they SNORKEL! What a mess! Thank goodness Phoenix is more than happy to clean them up.

While expanding the puppy digs, I made a nest for Phoenix to lay away from the pups so she can spend a little more time away from them without being AWAY! Another part of the weaning process and momma can take a break now and then!

Selecting the theme for each litter and them naming the pups is always fun, challenging and eagerly anticipated. Let me introduce The “Howl” Ween Hounds!!

Girls: Pets – Boo/White, Black Cat/Lavender, Witch/Hot Pink & Mummy/Baby Pink
Perfect Pets – Pumpkin/Grass Green
Boys: Pets – Bat/Dk Purple
Perfect Pets – Frankie/Bronze, Spider(Spidey)/Gold, Jack/Dk Green, Goblin/Grey,
Bones/Maroon & Spook/Blue